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Expert Guide to Essential Supplies for Whelping Puppies Without Mother's Milk

Welcome to our latest blog, where we delve into the world of whelping and caring for newborn puppies, especially in scenarios where the mother is unable to produce milk. This guide is tailored for professionals seeking to provide the best care for these vulnerable newborns. Visit or contact us at 800 658 5308 for more information.

Feeding Tubes for Newborn Puppies In cases where direct nursing isn't possible, feeding tubes are a reliable method to ensure that the puppies receive essential nutrients. These tubes allow for direct and safe delivery of milk replacers to the stomach, ensuring that even the weakest puppies are adequately fed.

Nipple Syringe Feeders: A Comforting Alternative If tube feeding feels daunting, nipple syringe feeders are an excellent alternative. Designed to mimic the mother's nipple, these feeders combine the comfort of natural feeding with the control of a syringe, making them ideal for gently feeding puppies.

Nipple Feeding Tower for Growing Puppies As puppies grow, their feeding needs change. The nipple feeding tower, with its five nipples and adjustable base, caters to puppies at different stages of growth, allowing them to suckle milk at their own pace.

Dogzymes Puppy Bac Milk Replacer Formula For a nutritional substitute to mother's milk, we recommend Dogzymes Puppy Bac Milk Replacer Formula. This formula is designed to meet the nutritional needs of newborn puppies, ensuring their healthy development.

Domperidone for Increasing Milk Production An interesting addition to puppy care is the introduction of Domperidone, a medication known to stimulate milk production in mammals. This can be a vital tool for whelping mothers with low or no milk production, aiding in natural feeding.

Conclusion Whelping and raising puppies without mother's milk is a challenging but rewarding task. With the right tools and knowledge, you can ensure the health and well-being of these newborns. For more information on these essential supplies, visit or call us at 800 658 5308.

This blog is crafted to provide in-depth knowledge and professional insights into caring for newborn puppies in special circumstances, utilizing a range of essential supplies and techniques available at


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