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How to Inject a Microchip in Your Pet

Preparation Steps

Before beginning the microchip implantation process, follow these essential steps:

  1. Scan for Existing Microchips: Always scan the animal first to check for any existing microchips.

  2. Verify New Microchip: Scan the new microchip to verify its number before implantation.

Locating the Injection Site

  1. Identify the Shoulder Blades: Locate the scapulae (shoulder blades) on the pet's back.

  2. Find the Midpoint: Locate the midpoint between the shoulder blades. Feel for the slightly rounded trapezius muscle that runs horizontally between the shoulder blades.

  3. Determine the Injection Site: The injection site is just below the line connecting the two shoulder blades. Aim the needle forward and downward towards the animal’s head.

Microchipping can be performed on puppies or kittens as early as five to eight weeks of age. The chip should be implanted deep into the subcutaneous tissue to ensure it secures itself properly and avoids migration.

Injection Procedure Microchip

  1. Prepare the Injection Site: Wipe the site with alcohol and allow it to dry for thirty seconds to prevent stinging.

  2. Form a Skin Tent: Pull the skin upwards to create a "tent" above the injection site.

  3. Insert the Needle:

  • Insert the needle at the base of the "tent" with the bevel facing up.

  • Aim to enter at a 45-degree angle from the surface of the back.

  • Ensure the needle is fully inserted until the hub touches the skin. For smaller animals, adjust the depth accordingly but ensure the entire bevel is inside.

  1. Inject the Microchip:

  • Slowly depress the syringe plunger.

  • Do not withdraw the syringe until the plunger is fully depressed to ensure the chip is cleared from the needle.

  1. Apply Pressure and Massage: Apply pressure to the injection site as you withdraw the needle, and gently massage the area around the site.

  2. Verify the Implantation: Scan the implanted microchip to confirm it is working and record the microchip number on the pet’s health record.

By following these steps, you can ensure a safe and effective microchip implantation for your pet. For more information and detailed guides on pet care, visit

How to Inject a Microchip in Your Pet
How to Inject a Microchip in Your Pet


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