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"iSperm's Revolutionary Role in Rhino Conservation and Beyond

"iSperm's Revolutionary Role in Rhino Conservation and Beyond"

With rhino populations at risk due to diminished numbers and poaching, the urgency for ex-situ conservation through Artificial Insemination (AI) becomes paramount. The key to effective AI? High-quality semen samples.

The Challenge: Preserving genetic diversity is crucial, with sperm banking playing a pivotal role. Semen sample consistency is vital, especially as samples are exchanged between institutions. The fertility parameters to watch? Concentration (number of sperm in a sample) and motility (percentage of swimming sperm), which are indicators of the fertilization success rate.

Enter the iSperm Solution: This research, backed by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, employed the iSperm for semen analysis from various rhinoceros species. The software's parameters were adjusted to pinpoint sample quality. Results? iSperm's analysis showed a remarkable correlation with manual evaluations, boasting an impressive r=0.9908 significance.

Why iSperm is a Game-Changer:

  • Convenient and User-friendly: With its tablet-based interface, the iSperm is apt for both labs and fieldwork.

  • Accuracy: The system’s results closely aligned with manual evaluations and hemocytometer counts, indicating its precision.

  • Reliability: iSperm showed stellar reliability with an Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC) greater than 0.96.

Conclusion: The iSperm mCASA proves its weight in gold, establishing itself as a reliable and efficient tool for semen analysis, not just in rhinos but potentially across various species. For breeding programs, whether in wildlife conservation or other arenas, accuracy, convenience, and reliability are paramount – all of which the iSperm delivers in spades.

Brought to you by, your trusted partner in reproductive solutions. Explore the iSperm and see how it can elevate your breeding program. Visit or email us at"

iSperm Mcasa semen analysis
iSperm Mcasa semen analysis


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