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Pet Brooder 90 FAQ'S

The most commonly asked questions about our pet brooder 90.

1. What temperature should my Pet brooder be set at?

One of the most important fundamental functions of any puppy intensive care unit is consistently and reliably giving consistent temperature control.

The pet brooder 90 has made a huge impact in the industry for reliably delivering on all major functions.

Each litter may vary, but generally your puppy incubator should be around 85-90 degrees for the first week, reducing the temperature each week thereafter.

To find the sweet spot for your litter you will need to observe your puppies behavior. When puppies pile on top of each other they are showing that they are trying to find warmth, when puppies scatter to the sides trying to reach for the air outside of the incubator that may be an indicator that they are a little too warm.

2. Why is my pet brooder's temp going higher than what I have it set at?

The pet brooder 90 does not have a built in a/c system. The temperature of the environment greatly effects the temperature inside. In order for your pet brooder 90 to remain a consistent temperature you should be whelping in a 70-75 degree environment.

Another thing that can effect the temperature in the room is the oxygen machine. If you are a whelping in a smaller area It might be best to move the oxygen machine outside the room ( you can do this by purchasing a longer hose).

3. What should my humidity be set at?

For normal use, humidity can be set up to 50%. For sick puppies humidity should be set to 50-60%.

4. Why is the Humidity not turning on?

The environmental humidity effects the units humidity, as well as the amount of humidity that is created inside the unit by the puppies body heat. The maximum humidity is 60%. If that level has been reached due to high humidity environment then the humidity pump will not kick on.

5. How many puppies can fit inside the pet brooder 90?

Depending on the size of the breed, generally 8-12 puppies.

6. How long do I keep puppies inside the pet brooder 90?

3-4 weeks is a good amount of time to keep you puppies inside the pet brooder. If you are caring for sick or premature puppies it may be a good idea to keep them in a little longer.

Fun fact The pet brooder 90 does not only house puppies. The Pet Brooder 90 is suitable for a variety of small pets, such as kittens, baby birds, reptiles, amphibians, or small mammals that cannot regulate their own body heat as neonates. The pet brooder 90 provides a safe and controlled environment for their growth and recovery.


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