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Preparing for Whelping and Caring for Sick Newborn Puppies

When preparing for whelping and the crucial first days of a newborn puppy's life, being well-prepared is essential. While stocking up on supplies is common, having certain prescriptions and non-prescription options on hand can also be vital. Here's a guide to essential whelping aids and medications you may need, which you can discuss with your veterinarian and potentially have ready for any sudden needs.

Whelping Newborn Puppies Aids


  • Oxytocin (Prescription): Helps with contractions and lactation in the whelping process.

  • Calcium Supplement (Non-Prescription): Supports strong and normal contractions.


  • Metoclopramide (Prescription): Aids in milk production if the mother is struggling.

  • Lactation Support Supplement (Non-Prescription): Promotes milk production naturally.

Caring for Sick Newborn Puppies


  • Normal Saline or Lactated Ringers (Prescription): Essential for rehydrating sick neonates.

  • Electrolyte Solution (Non-Prescription): Prevents dehydration when puppies stop eating or nursing.


  • Clavamox (Prescription): Useful for treating bacterial infections in newborns, but should only be used under veterinary guidance.

Vitamin K:

  • Vitamin K (Prescription): Beneficial for puppies less than 48 hours old who are sick, septic, or experiencing unexplained bleeding.

Respiratory Stimulation:

  • Dopram (Prescription): An injectable stimulant for the respiratory center of the brain, used when a puppy is not breathing after 10 minutes of stimulation and suctioning.

Whelping Newborn Puppies Conclusion

Being prepared for whelping and the health of newborn puppies involves having both prescription and non-prescription options available. Discuss these options with your veterinarian to ensure you have everything you need on hand to support both the mother and her puppies during this critical time.

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Whelping Newborn Puppies
Whelping Newborn Puppies


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