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iSperm 5/6 Bovine Expansion Pack: The Frontier of Bovine Reproduction.

In the realm of bovine breeding, semen quality plays a pivotal role in determining the success of artificial insemination. To get the edge in this competitive sector, you need tools that are not only accurate but also versatile. Enter the iSperm 6 mCASA, a tablet-based solution tailored specifically for bovine semen analysis.

Why is Semen Analysis Crucial for Bovine Breeding?

Bovine breeding is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and the quality of semen can greatly influence the success rate of insemination. Semen must have the right concentration of sperm, and those sperm need to be motile and exhibit progressive movement to effectively fertilize an ovum. Moreover, factors such as temperature, pH, and contamination can adversely affect the semen quality. Thus, accurate semen analysis is the cornerstone of a successful breeding program.

How Does iSperm 6 mCASA Transform Bovine Semen Analysis?

  1. Mobility and Flexibility: The weight of a laptop and the size of a briefcase, iSperm mCASA enables breeders to perform rapid screenings in the field and detailed examinations in the lab.

  2. Instant Access: With the iSperm Cloud, you can monitor male animal fertility on-the-go, accessing your data from any device - be it a smartphone, laptop, or PC.

  3. Efficient Reporting: Gone are the days of tedious compilations after exhaustive sessions of bull checks and semen collection. iSperm provides instant reports with readings and videos your clients demand.

  4. Precise Dilution Calculations: For those supplying commercial semen or shipping to clients, iSperm calculates the exact extender volume needed to dilute an ejaculate, eliminating guesswork.

  5. Enhanced Client Communication: By visualizing sperm swimming tracks, your customers gain a clearer understanding of the semen quality, helping in discussions about failed insemination. This visualization also aids in distinguishing progressive motility from total motility.

Things to Consider in Bovine Semen Collection and Analysis:

  • Environment: Ensure the collection environment is calm and stress-free for the bull.

  • Equipment Sanitization: Any equipment used must be thoroughly sanitized to avoid contamination.

  • Temperature: Bovine semen is sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Ensure samples are kept at a consistent temperature to prevent damage.

  • Mishandling: Handle samples gently to prevent damage to the sperm cells.

Breeding is an art, and with iSperm 6 mCASA, you're equipped with a masterpiece tool that ensures precision and efficiency in bovine semen analysis.

Dive deeper into how iSperm 6 mCASA can elevate your bovine breeding practices at For tailored solutions, reach out to us at 800655308 or email

iSperm 5/6 Bovine Expansion Pack
iSperm 5/6 Bovine Expansion Pack


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