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Revolutionizing Canine AI: Introducing Hoëk's AI Flush for Optimal Reproductive Health

Welcome to the cutting edge of canine reproductive health. Hoëk Labs is proud to introduce the AI Flush - a specialized, pH-balanced formula designed specifically for canine artificial insemination procedures. This product is a breakthrough in veterinary reproductive technology, offering a safe and effective solution for intravaginal drains and flushes.

Understanding the Importance of Intravaginal Health in Canine Breeding

Intravaginal health is paramount in successful canine breeding. Traditional solutions like saline can be detrimental to sperm cells, often leading to reduced motility and viability. Hoëk's AI Flush is formulated to be gentle on sperm cells, ensuring their integrity and enhancing motility, critical factors in successful fertilization.

Advanced Formulation of Hoëk's AI Flush

Hoëk's AI Flush is an expertly crafted solution, balancing the fine line between effectiveness and sensitivity. It's designed to cleanse the canine intravaginal walls and orifices thoroughly without harming the sperm cells. This feature is particularly crucial when performing consecutive breeding or AI procedures.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Hoëk's AI Flush


  1. Temperature Adjustment: Warm the Hoëk AI Flush to match the canine body temperature. This step is crucial for the comfort of the animal and the effectiveness of the procedure.


  1. Insemination Implement: Utilize a specialized insemination implement to administer the flush safely.

  2. Volume Recommendations: Start with recommended volumes based on dog size:

  • 5ml for small dogs

  • 10ml for medium dogs

  • 15ml for large dogs

  • 20ml for extra-large dogs

  1. Incremental Increase: Adjust volumes as necessary, depending on the specific requirements of the canine.


  1. Draining Options: After insemination, you can either use an implement to drain the Hoëk AI Flush or allow it to naturally drain.

  2. Repetition: Repeat the process as required to achieve the desired result.

The Versatility of Hoëk's AI Flush

The AI Flush isn't just for breeding purposes. Its gentle, pH-balanced formula makes it an invaluable tool in maintaining optimal intravaginal health for canines. Whether it's for preparatory cleansing before AI procedures or as a part of a regular health regimen, Hoëk's AI Flush offers unparalleled benefits.

For the Professional Veterinarian and Breeder

Hoëk's AI Flush is designed with the professional in mind. Its ease of use, coupled with its effectiveness, makes it an indispensable tool in the field of canine reproduction. As professionals, understanding and utilizing the most advanced and safe methods is key to success. Hoëk's AI Flush is a testament to our commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions for canine reproductive health.

In conclusion, Hoëk's AI Flush represents a significant advancement in canine reproductive care. Its unique formulation ensures a safe and effective environment for sperm cells, enhancing the likelihood of successful insemination and overall reproductive health. For professionals dedicated to canine breeding and health, Hoëk's AI Flush is an essential addition to your toolkit. Embrace this innovation and see the difference in your canine breeding and health management programs.

Introducing Hoëk's AI Flush for Optimal Reproductive Health
Introducing Hoëk's AI Flush for Optimal Reproductive Health


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