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Understanding Dog Water Bottles

Pet water bottles, particularly those with a metal drinking tube and ball bearings, work by creating a vacuum seal. This design allows pets to access water efficiently while minimizing spills. Here’s how they work and some tips on managing common issues.

How Dog Water Bottles Work

Pet water bottles with metal drinking tubes and ball bearings hold water due to the vacuum formed in the sealed bottle. A film of water between the ball and the tube's open end creates this vacuum. When the pet licks or nudges the ball, the seal breaks, allowing water to flow through the tube. Once the pet stops drinking, the ball settles back, and the water film reforms, closing the valve.

Is That Drip Normal?

A small drip when you first set up the water bottle is normal. This happens as the water bottle forms a new vacuum seal. The air space and water volume inside the bottle need to equalize, causing a droplet to appear at the end of the tube. To speed up this process, tap the ball bearing several times with your fingertip after filling and mounting the bottle.

Continuous Dripping or Emptying Out

If your water bottle continuously drips or empties out, here are a few steps to address the issue:

  1. Check the Gasket: Inspect the inside of the cap for a rubber gasket. A missing or damaged gasket can cause continuous dripping. The color of the gasket varies by bottle style.

  2. Fill Properly: Use room temperature water and fill the bottle completely. Cold water takes longer to create a vacuum and will drip more.

  3. Tighten and Tap: After filling, tighten the cap securely, tap the ball bearing a few times at the sink, then hang the bottle on the crate and tap the ball bearing again. This should stop the dripping within a few minutes.

  4. Clear the Tube: For larger bottles, hold the bottle with the tube facing up, squeeze out a small amount of water, then hang it on the crate. This helps clear air from the tube, similar to a doctor clearing a syringe of air before an injection.

Using a Water Bottle for Dogs

When mounted on a crate or carrier, a water bottle may shake and drip if the animal moves around. Some people place a small cup under the tube tip to catch drips. For traveling in vehicles or airplanes, consider using a valve bottle instead of a ball bearing bottle to prevent drips.

A water bottle might continue dripping while you hold it due to the slight pressure and warmth from your hand. It usually stops once you hang it on a cage or carrier. All water bottles might drip occasionally after a pet drinks or with temperature changes. For best results, keep the water bottle away from windows or direct sunlight.

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Dog Water Bottles
Dog Water Bottles


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