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"Unlock Next-Level Puppy Care with the PSO-1L Oxygen Concentrator!"

Elevate Your Veterinary Care with the PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator: A Must-Have for Newborn Puppies and Beyond

Why Oxygen Therapy is Essential in Veterinary Medicine

Oxygen therapy is increasingly recognized as a life-saving intervention in veterinary medicine, particularly for newborn puppies in need of respiratory support. From assisting with conditions like brachycephalic airway syndrome to aiding in post-surgical recovery, oxygen therapy can make the difference between life and death for vulnerable pets.

The PSO-1L: Not Just for Humans

Enter the PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator, an exclusive offering from This unit is not just for human use; it’s also remarkably beneficial in the veterinary world. Tailored to meet a variety of needs, the PSO-1L can be adjusted to deliver oxygen at a rate from as low as 1L/min up to a maximum of 7L/min. Plus, with a purity range of 90%-96%, you know your four-legged patients are breathing quality air.

Unmatched Durability and Intelligent Features

Designed to withstand tough conditions such as extreme temperatures and vibrations, the PSO-1L ensures reliability and longevity. With a range of intelligent features like failure alarms, filter cleaning reminders, remote control capabilities, and smart timing, it allows for an easier and more efficient provision of care.

Easy to Use and Highly Portable

Tipping the scales at a mere 13.22 lbs and compact enough to fit in small spaces, the PSO-1L is ideal for busy veterinary clinics and for use in mobile pet emergency units. Plus, with an 8-level filtration system, the unit guarantees the delivery of clean and pure oxygen, essential for critical care situations.

Oxygen Therapy for Newborn Puppies: Best Practices

Newborn puppies can particularly benefit from oxygen therapy, especially those suffering from asphyxia or undergoing distress after a complicated delivery. The best settings for newborn puppies generally range from 1L/min to 2L/min, depending on their size and medical condition. Always consult with a veterinarian for the most accurate guidance.

Why the PSO-1L is the Perfect Complement to Puppy Intensive Care Units

The PSO-1L is particularly useful when combined with a puppy intensive care unit like the Pet Brooder 90 or Aeolus Puppy Intensive Care Units. Its adjustable settings and smart features make it simple to integrate into existing intensive care setups, offering a seamless experience for clinicians and the best care for newborn puppies.

Contact Us to Get Your PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator

To add this game-changing equipment to your veterinary toolkit, look no further than Place your orders now, or for any inquiries, call us at 800-659-5308 or email

Embrace next-level veterinary care with the PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator and experience a new standard in pet health and well-being.

PSO-1L Oxygen Concentrator
PSO-1L Oxygen Concentrator


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