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Unraveling the Excellence of the Mini Vidas Progesterone Machine in Canine Reproduction


Embarking on the intricate journey of canine breeding requires a blend of precision, technology, and expertise. At the forefront of this convergence is the Mini Vidas Progesterone Machine, an embodiment of technological advancement and accuracy. In tandem with the esteemed test kits from, it becomes an indispensable tool for every serious breeder.

Mini Vidas: A Closer Look

The Mini Vidas is renowned for its unmatched precision, offering swift and reliable progesterone testing results essential for determining the pivotal moments of breeding and timely c-sections. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with efficiency, has made it a favorite amongst veterinarians and breeders alike.

The Art of Timing with Mini Vidas

In canine reproduction, timing is everything. The machine’s accuracy in measuring progesterone levels aids in pinpointing the optimal periods for breeding and c-sections. Here, we provide a general breeding scale based on progesterone levels:

  • 0-2 ng/ml: Pre-estrus, the period of follicular maturation.

  • 2-5 ng/ml: The onset of estrus, with ovulation typically occurring at levels around 5 ng/ml.

  • 5-20 ng/ml: Optimal breeding window, ranging from natural mating to artificial insemination.

  • >20 ng/ml: Indicates that the window for breeding has passed, and is also used to time c-sections effectively.

Exceptional Test Kits by

Our test kits are meticulously designed, undergoing rigorous quality control to assure consistent accuracy. When paired with the Mini Vidas machine, they offer a comprehensive solution for breeders seeking to optimize each breeding cycle’s outcomes.

Unparalleled Support

Our support team, accessible at 800 658 5308, is committed to assisting you through every phase of the breeding process. Our emphasis on quality service ensures that every query is addressed with expertise and courtesy.


The combination of the Mini Vidas Progesterone Machine and’s premium test kits offers a holistic solution in canine reproduction. Breeders are equipped with precision tools and dedicated support, ensuring each breeding endeavor is optimized for success.

Embark on this journey of technological and service excellence, where every step is guided by precision, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to the health and success of your breeding program.

Mini Vidas Progesterone Machine in Canine Reproduction
Mini Vidas Progesterone Machine in Canine Reproduction


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