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What is idexx canine progesterone testing and is it accurate?

IDEXX is a well-known company in the veterinary diagnostics industry, offering a wide range of tests and equipment to aid veterinarians in making medical decisions. Among their many offerings, they have tests that measure progesterone levels in canines. Progesterone testing in dogs is primarily used to determine the best timing for breeding, as well as to predict the onset of labor in pregnant dogs.

Here's a general overview of IDEXX's canine progesterone testing and its accuracy:

  1. IDEXX's Progesterone Test: IDEXX Laboratories has developed tests that can be used in-house (at the vet clinic) or sent to an IDEXX reference laboratory. Their in-house machines, like the Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer, can provide quick results for progesterone and other tests.

  2. Accuracy: IDEXX's tests, including their progesterone test, are known for their reliability and accuracy in the veterinary industry. However, as with any diagnostic test, accuracy can be influenced by several factors:

    • Sample Handling: How the blood sample is collected, stored, and processed can affect the results.

    • Machine Calibration and Maintenance: Regular calibration and maintenance of diagnostic machines are essential to ensure accurate results.

    • Operator Skill: The veterinarian or technician's experience and skill in using the equipment and interpreting results can also influence accuracy.

  1. Benefits of In-House Testing: Having the ability to run tests in-house allows for rapid results, which can be especially valuable when timing breedings, as the window of optimal fertility can be narrow.

  2. Comparison with Other Tests: While IDEXX's progesterone test is known for its accuracy, it's always a good idea to compare it with other available tests or methodologies, especially if precise timing is crucial, such as in professional breeding setups or when using artificial insemination.

  3. Veterinary Recommendation: Veterinarians typically choose diagnostic tools and tests based on their trust in the product's accuracy and reliability. If a veterinarian is using IDEXX's progesterone test, it's likely because they trust the results it provides.

In summary, IDEXX's canine progesterone test is considered reliable and accurate in the veterinary community. However, like all tests, ensuring proper sample handling, machine maintenance, and correct interpretation is essential for the best results. If you have concerns or questions about the test's accuracy, it's a good idea to discuss them directly with a veterinarian.


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