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what to put in a puppy pack

You've whelped, weaned, and cuddled your puppy, and now it's time to send them to their new forever home. Providing a comprehensive puppy pack can help set the puppy and their new family up for success. Here’s a checklist of useful items to include in your puppy starter kit.

Reading Materials

Even though you may have discussed puppy ownership with the new family, it's helpful to provide written materials. Including a guidebook like "My Puppy Guide" or similar resources ensures the new family understands how to handle housetraining, chewing, and other common puppy behaviors. Make sure to include information on the importance of vaccinations to protect against viruses carried by wildlife, feral cats, or other dogs. Breed-specific information can also be very helpful. Some breeders prefer to put this information on a flash drive to reduce paper clutter and keep everything in one place.


Ensure all important health information is documented and passed on to the new owners. This includes vaccination and deworming records, AKC papers, and a health schedule. If the puppy is microchipped, remind the new owners to register the microchip in their name.

Supplements and Health Products

Moving to a new home can be stressful for puppies, which might lead to digestive issues. Including a probiotic and prebiotic supplement can promote digestive health and minimize the potential for diarrhea. Additionally, providing a high-calorie supplement can help prevent hypoglycemia and ensure the puppy gets extra calories if they don't eat well in the first few days at their new home.

Familiar Toy or Blanket

A familiar item, such as a small blanket or toy that smells like the puppy's mom, can provide comfort during the transition to a new home.

Current Food

Sending a one-week supply of the food the puppy has been eating helps make the transition smoother. Suggest the new owners mix half of your food with half of the food they intend to use to prevent digestive upset. Including some of your water can also help, as the puppy will be used to the taste.

Healthy Treats or Chews

If the puppy has a favorite treat, include some samples for the new family.

Calcium Supplements

Provide information on maintaining the puppy's health as they grow. A calcium supplement can help ensure the puppy develops strong and healthy bones.


If you offer a guarantee on your dogs, include a written copy with each puppy pack. Clearly state what could void the guarantee, such as exposure to dog parks too soon or other stipulations.

Foldable Food and Water Bowl

A foldable or small stainless steel bowl is a useful addition to the puppy pack for travel and outings.

Personal Note or Card

Write a short letter to the puppy’s new family, expressing your confidence in them and why you chose them to care for the puppy.

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