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Introducing the Wondfo Pro-DX Canine Progesterone Analyzer

🌟 Unveiling the Wondfo Pro-DX: Precision Meets Efficiency 🌟

At, we're always at the forefront of veterinary technology, and it's our pleasure to introduce the latest innovation in progesterone testing: the Wondfo Pro-DX Analyzer. Tailored for dog breeders and veterinarians, this cutting-edge tool is set to revolutionize how progesterone testing is conducted, making it faster, more accurate, and incredibly user-friendly.

Wondfo Pro-DX Analyzer: Redefining Progesterone Testing Standards

The Pro-DX Analyzer is not just an upgrade; it's a leap forward in veterinary diagnostics:

  • Rapid & Reliable Results: Get precise progesterone test outcomes in about 15 minutes. The Pro-DX's Quick Test mode even allows for multiple tests simultaneously, boosting efficiency like never before.

  • User-Centric Design: With its intuitive touchscreen and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, the Pro-DX is accessible to all skill levels. We complement this with comprehensive online training and support, ensuring you make the most out of this advanced device.

  • Mobility & Longevity: The Pro-DX shines in mobility, thanks to its internal lithium-ion battery capable of running up to 80 tests on a single charge. It's perfect for both in-clinic and field applications.

  • Enhanced Functionality: The Pro-DX's user-friendly interface and prolonged battery life make it a standout device, ensuring that you remain at the top of your diagnostic game.

Why Opt for the Wondfo Pro-DX Analyzer?

  • Superior Performance: Building on the legacy of its predecessors, the Pro-DX guarantees results you can trust.

  • Cost-Effective & Efficient: Reduce your dependence on external labs. The Pro-DX brings fast, in-house testing, saving both time and money.

  • Ease of Use: We prioritize simplicity in operation, backed by our dedicated support team at

  • Versatility & Portability: Designed to excel in diverse settings, the Pro-DX is your go-to device, whether in a clinic or on the go.

Complete Package for Immediate Testing

Your purchase of the Wondfo Pro-DX Analyzer includes:

  • The Pro-DX Analyzer: Your new cornerstone for progesterone testing.

  • Starter Progesterone Kit: Jumpstart your testing with all necessary components.

  • Essential Accessories: Everything you need for immediate implementation.

  • Progesterone Reading Chart: A handy guide for accurate breeding timing.

🌟 Step into the Next Generation of Canine Health Diagnostics 🌟

Join us in embracing the future of canine progesterone testing with the Wondfo Pro-DX Analyzer. This device isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to enhanced precision, efficiency, and success in breeding and veterinary care.

For more details, pricing information, or to place an order, visit our website or contact us at 800-658-5308. Experience the pinnacle of progesterone testing technology with's Wondfo Pro-DX Analyzer!

Wondfo Pro Dx Canine Progesterone Analyzer
Wondfo Pro Dx Canine Progesterone Analyzer


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