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Optimize Your Canine Care with the PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator from

In the competitive world of canine breeding and veterinary care, the right tools can make a significant difference in the health and well-being of newborn puppies. The PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator is a pivotal addition to any serious breeder's toolkit. This blog post will delve into the features and benefits of the PSO-1L, emphasizing how it supports young, vulnerable puppies during critical stages of their development.

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Puppies: A Game-Changer in Canine Health Care

The PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator, exclusively available at, represents a breakthrough in providing adjustable and reliable oxygen support tailored to the needs of puppies. This device is crucial for breeders looking to ensure the highest level of care.

Key Features of the PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator

  • Adjustable Oxygen Levels: From 1L/min up to 7L/min, the PSO-1L offers flexibility in oxygen delivery, making it suitable for a variety of breeds and health conditions. Oxygen purity ranges from 90% to 96%, ensuring that your puppies receive the best possible care.

  • Durability and Reliability: Designed to withstand extreme conditions, the PSO-1L is built under strict quality control measures. It's tested against impacts, vibrations, and temperature changes, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Compact and Quiet Operation: Weighing only 13.22 lbs and with dimensions of 10.47×9.05×11.6 inches, the PSO-1L is designed for easy mobility. Its quiet operation ensures it can be used without causing distress to the animals or disruption in a home or clinical setting.

Intelligent Features for Enhanced Puppy Care

  • Smart Monitoring and Controls: The unit features a sophisticated alarm system for immediate issue alerts, a filter cleaning reminder, and a remote control for convenience. Additionally, it has smart timing functions to integrate seamlessly into daily routines.

  • Advanced Filtration System: Incorporating an 8-level filtration system, the PSO-1L ensures that the oxygen delivered is clean and pure, which is essential for maintaining the puppies' respiratory health.

Unmatched Support and Warranty stands behind the PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator with a lifetime warranty on all parts for the original invoice customer, highlighting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: Why Choose the PSO-1L for Your Breeding Program?

Investing in the PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator is more than just purchasing equipment; it's investing in the health and potential of every litter. With features designed to support puppies' respiratory health and a build that ensures durability, the PSO-1L is an invaluable addition to any breeder's care regimen.

For more information or to make a purchase, visit or contact our customer support at 800-659-5308 or Ensure your puppies start strong with the best care possible, made easier with the "Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Puppies."

With its precise controls and comprehensive features, the PSO-1L Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator from is essential for anyone serious about providing the highest level of care in canine reproduction and puppy health.

Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator
Portable Smart Oxygen Concentrator


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