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Transform Your Veterinary Surgeries with the FT-886H Table

We're thrilled to highlight the FT-886H Veterinary Exam/Surgical Table, a cutting-edge solution for veterinary surgeries, available at For details, call us at 800 658 5308.

Advanced Surgical Support The FT-886H table, with its Danish-made lift column, provides a stable and adjustable platform, crucial for delicate surgical procedures. Its V-top design allows for optimal positioning of the animal, enhancing surgical access and precision.

Heating System: A Game Changer A unique feature is its integrated heating system. This is vital for maintaining the animal's body temperature during procedures, a key factor in successful surgical outcomes.

Will the FT-886H Fit Your Surgical Needs? Definitely. The table's ergonomic design, combined with its advanced features like the efficient waste management system and water-resistant foot pedals, make it an ideal choice for any veterinary practice looking to enhance their surgical capabilities.

An Investment in Quality Choosing the FT-886H table means choosing reliability and efficiency. Its durable construction and innovative design offer great value, making it a wise long-term investment for your clinic.

Conclusion For more information on how the FT-886H Veterinary Table can revolutionize your surgeries, visit or call us at 800 658 5308.

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FT-886H Veterinary Exam/Surgical Table
FT-886H Veterinary Exam/Surgical Table


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